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"At the heart of healing is being known and treated as a person."

Bonnie Huang Hall MD PHD

Board Certified Family Medicine - UCSF Volunteer Asst. Clinical Professor


Patient safety is #1. That is why we are providing TELEHEALTH SERVICES. Office visits will still be offered. We try to make sure you are not in same room with other patients. We sanitize after every patient. We have been immunized with 2 doses of the covid vaccine. COVID TESTS: we currently offer self administered covid tests. Please make a telehealth appt and drive by for a self administered test. VACCINE: Vaccine is distributed by county. Unfortunately the county still has not distributed any vaccine to us. You may wish to find the covid vaccine at CVS or Walgreens. Also for the most current updates how to sign up for vaccinations provided by the county click the appropriate link: ALAMEDA, SANTA CLARA .

For Alameda: NOTE please scroll down and click the "vaccine availability through county and State Partners" or "vaccine availability through healthcare partners". Then you can make appointment.

Care Philosophy

So much is dependent on your health. That’s why I am committed to listening to you, as healing cannot be rushed. Accurate diagnosis and treatment require time and a connection with a caring doctor. I focus on understanding you as a person, and teaching you how to solve the underlying problem. I do not just treat the symptoms. I let you decide your treatments -whether you want western medicine, or something more complementary and natural. Health is precious, and your health is worth it.


Dr. Hall is the best medical (doctor) I have ever met! She is professional and very thorough. She is knowledgeable and patient. She addressed multiple long-term issues in depth during just one appointment. Her diagnosis and explanation answered many questions other doctors did not give me. Her recommendations of therapy are working in just a short time. I began to feel relief from pain already. Besides, what amazed me is she actually steered me away from expensive procedures that are not really necessary. Dr. Hall is a great doctor that cares for her patients! I am so glad to have such a health care professional practicing near me! -H.C.

I had a condition that had been mis-diagnosed as bronchitis ... She was able to set me straight that this was not bronchitis at all… (now) I am 100% better, merely weeks later. - J.H.


46923 Warm Springs Blvd, Suite 207 (press 2 on elevator) Fremont, CA 94539
  • Same days available and Sat. hours.
  • Min/no wait time. Dr. Hall will personally greet you.
  • Conveniently located between Wells Fargo and Gong Cha.
  • Speaks Mandarin, medical Spanish, and English
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