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Service Details Cash price for non-insured
New Patient Visit First time visit to Dr. Hall. Healthy check ups. GYN. Of note, we will not prescribe narcotics (codeine, norco, etc.) of any kind at the first visit. $185
Returning Adult Visit For returning adult patients. Problems, physicals, healthy women exams. Must have new patient visit first. $99
Returning Pediatric Visit Ages 5-17. For children with problems.Physicals extra cost. $85; $120 physical
Home visit (Limited availability and service area) Please call to schedule. $300
Telehealth visits See doctor with video $150 new/$89 return
Form Completion and Disability Forms Investigate and review prior records and complete forms
*Does not guarantee outcomes of disability application
$500 per hour regardless of insurance


Type Details Fee
Medical Procedure Visit See Dr. Hall and get a medical procedure such as abscess treatment, injections for pain, benign lesion removal/treatment, skin tag removal, stitching a wound. Price varies
Natural Pain Therapy Includes in office trigger point therapy and teaching of self treatment techniques . 25-60 min session depending your needs. Discount packages available. Covered by most insurances


Currently accepting only select insurance plans. Please check your insurance website to verify if I am in network. If you email us your insurance information, we can also help you verify whether we are in network.


Type Details Fee
Missed Appointment Fee Please reschedule or cancel 24 hours before your appointment. $40
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